Taking Back
Lost Time

The Vivifica mission

Our Story

During a holiday to Japan and a few too many big nights in Tokyo, we stumbled across solid gold in the bright shelves of their convenience stores:

Tiny shots of liquid claiming to be hangover relief!

Not wanting to waste another minute of our trip being hungover, we gave them a try, and were rewarded by feeling fresh and ready to go every morning that followed.

After having seen so many friends and family fall victim to the hangover and all those wasted days, we were determined to share the magic with everyone!

And so, the research period began, finding out as much as we could about the key ingredients that helped us to wake up feeling good as new.

Not only did we identify those ingredients, we also went further, combining additional natural ingredients to maximise the hangover relief you will experience.

The result? Our science-backed & ARTG Listed formula - which is easily taken with water after you've finished drinking!

Don't waste another day - Win Back Your Weekend with Vivifica!

Hangover Relief.

ARTG Listed, Australian Made